A selection of Historical Documents
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  Two interesting passages of "Histories", by Herodotos (See Wikipedia entry)
Histories, Book 7, Chapter 171, Invasion of Crete. Dorians or Myceneans?
Histories, Book 6, Chapter 91, Refering to the happenings of 430b.c.?
It is tought that Herodotos may have died on 425bc... make your own considerations..!!
Linear A and Linear B These two "scripts" were used by Cretean (Linear A) and Myceneans (Linear B)
Most is still to be understood of this two languages, you can further ...
Linear A Texts in phonetic transcription, an introduction by John Younger
The Antikythera Mechanism An ancient greek calculator found on a Roman Ship
(See Wikipedia entry or the Antikythera Mechanism Project website) A map of Antikythera